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health. Eleven tigers▓ died at the zoo between Nov 11 last year and Feb 27. "No matter who deals with the issue, we hope they give p▓riority to solving real problems. Give workers their▓ pay, then the tigers will be fed and their environment

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    will improve. Otherwise, there is not even anybody t▓o clean the crates," sa

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    id Zhao. According to Wu Xi, a deputy head of the zoo, the 11 tige

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    rs died of diseases like renal failure and heart fai

ut we can't make a

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    lure in the past three months and two others were shot dead in ▓November 2009 when they attac

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    d Zhao told China Dai▓l

    ked a zookeeper. "I believe four reasons are being blamed for the death of these tiger

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    s. The first is that the tigers were kept behind iron bars indoors instead of being allo

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    wed outdoors, which preve▓nted them from exercising and keeping warm. The secon

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